About Us


Our New Owner

Hi, I'm Anthony Goetzinger and I am so excited you stopped by to check us out!  Whether you're a new visitor to Earl Thieneman Garden Center or you've been visiting us for 50 years, I just want to say thanks.  

I could use this space to tell you about my twenty years experience or my passion for growing, but I'd rather show you.  Here's what makes us different...


We start from scratch.

Ever wonder how geraniums start out?  From clippings!  These are the actual clippings we used to start this year's crop of beautiful geraniums for you!


Tender Loving Care

Then we propagate every single cutting by hand, one by one, making sure you get a beautiful, well-cared for healthy plant to take home with you or to give away to someone special.

Before Long...



We're growing all these geraniums for you!  And this is not even close to all of them!  You'll need to come in and see it to believe it!


And THEN...

Look what pops out!

And finally...


This one's for you!

We can't wait for you to come in for a visit.  You'll fall in love with what you see.  

And that's how we do it!

Earl Thieneman Garden Center

Making Louisville Beautiful for 50 years

12704 Old Henry Rd, Louisville, Kentucky 40223

(502) 245-4891